Church Camp with Tiong and sis=D

Really love tiong loads haha even though she always whines and abandoned her sissie with me on the second day =.= Haha but she generously offered to pay for my trip, if not I would never have made it for the church camp. And she ended up sleeping in the crack between the two beds because of this. 

Honestly I have nothing but thanksgiving for this camp=)

First and foremost, for my bestie of sorts Tiong who so generously paid for my trip and being my zhi ji for 7 years. Thanks for bringing me closer to God after you started going to church and for simply being my nonsense friend for so many years and being part of my guides clique and part of dabian in ur face hahahah and my jc class, and my cca mate of 6 years haha. God must have sent you to me =)

Secondly would be for all the wonderful things I learnt during the messages. Even though I did not manage to attend the first two days, I really learnt a lot from the remianing messages. Usually I would just skip through Ecclesiastes(For non christians, its a book of the bible in the old testament) because its really quite hard to understand with its proverbial wording. Partly because I thought that since King Solonmon was such phailwhale at being a christian( he is the author of the book) then I need not read it. However the messages made me realise how much wisdom was taught in the book. Amazing how much truth a 2000 year old book can teach us=) Its also amazing how often I grapple with legal theory and all the philosophical stuff yet I can understand it so well and find the lessons calling out to me. It truly must be the work of Jesus Christ=)

A simple summary would be that a life without God is simply vanity. Fear God and Keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man.

The book of Ecclesiastes is both a warning and a comfort at the same time=)

1.  Ecclesiastes showed me how  meaningless everything we chase in this life is. If even Solonmon the richest and smartest man in the earth at that time could not find any satisfaction in women riches or knowledge, how could we? Haha, sometimes I put fun and friends above church, but I guess this ismeaningless without God. So dear God please remind me>.< Actually i ponning church to go belaying course haish. I see something bad happening already. Maybe I should tlel my parents I dun wanna go =(

2. It taught me to treasure and enjoy all that is good and perfect gifts from God. There is no need to look back and want things from the past. Yupppp. Sometimes I yearn for the times when my parents dun quarrel, but I should be thankful for everything i have now=) my grandma, I have food to eat, I have funny bros like Jospeh and Jonathan hehe and all my wonderful hallmates, my law peeps, my rv peeps and Adriel, and the cali draggers and the choir peeps. So thank god for everything. Thank God that I get to go to church.

3. There are days of prosperity and hardship that have been ordained by God and there are things you can never find out and you would not go anywhere if you tried to know everything. Life is an adventure that God plans for you =)

Recently, I made some stupid mistakes during work that I cannot say here because of confidentiality issues. But it plagued me for the first day during camp because while I do not need the part time job, I know that its my bosses rice bowl. I really felt like crying especially after I heard that they kena scolded like shit because of what me and my shift partner did. And though I considered the risk, I proceeded on because I thought the risk would not materialise. I really did what I did with good intentions to help other ppl.

The above scripture lesson however comforted me a lot=) I guess this incident may be God’s way of allowing me to grow up, and he may have his own reasons for allowing this to happen. I am sure that God has his reasons. At the very least, this incident not only taught me some limits on what I can do, it also showed me how kind my bosses are=) I heard from my shift mate that one of them took all the scolding for us and he din even scold me. The other one just told me to work harder next time. I guess the worst situations allow you to see the best in ppl=) I hope they become big bosses haha then I can work for them when i become a lawyer next time.

This incident also reminded me of  the time I got chased back from my shift because I was super late. Thank God for that lesson. After that time I am always half an hour early for work. Haha. Even though it was really scary to get chased back, at least it taught me some good work ethic=) (though I still late when I go out with friends and bf>.< that one I still need to learn) But still thank god so much for allowing me to get chased back=) Haha.

3. We should never shortcut in life.

Sometimes I feel its ok to slack because that what everyone does. Actally i very guai alr-.- I never even take toilet break most of the time during my shift. I slack more when studying -.- hash. I always hand in substandard work because i wanna play. After seeing my 2.6 CAP i realli regret my decisions. Once again, thank god for allowing me shitty grades because it taught me never to slack. Moreover I am sure that God allowed it for a reason. To be honest I am really scared that I will not be able to get a training contract or be stuck in a dead end job because my grades. I really am, but since God ordains all things, I am sure he has a way for me as long as I trust him. So thank God, there must be a reason for this.=)

I find it very hard to admit it, but in primary sch i was this super toot and super irritating girl who everyone including teachers hated. I had no friends because I was super weird. All I wanted was to be like those popz kids in class with a lot of friends. Haha tbh i only had two friends in primary sch qiqi and janice la though I thank god for them because I would have died of loneliness if not for them. But when I look back now, i realised that if God made me super pretty and popz last time I would have been a very mean person. I dun mean to say that popz ppl are not nice. I mean to say that I am inherently not a very nice person, and I would have become a not very nice person. Because i was totally outcasted and rejected I can totally empathise now with all those ppl that everyone think is weird, toot and nobody wants to friend because that was me and actually is me now la. Thats why I dun dislike anyone now because I can totally empathise with them. Actually sometimes I feel these ppl are actually the nicest la=) Maybe God made me the worst kind of person so that I will be a person who can serve him better=) so thank god. It was terribly lonely in lower sec and in primary sch, but thank god because I would not be the person I am if not for this.

4. Dun blame God for the sufferings and sins that you see because it is man’s sins which is responsible.

For the past few months, my family has been in turmoil. I come from a christian family, but even though my parents call themselves christians, there is nothing christ like in their behaviour towards each other. I was honestly very angry with God for allowing them to act this way especially since I couldnt understand why he allowed them to hurt each other and the ppl around them including showing my grandmother a very bad testimony: one of the reasons why she doesnt believe in christianity is my parents’ constant quarrels. But I guess God doesnt owe us anything to stop us from sinning or to save us. And he must have allowed their quarrel for a good reason so I pray that God’s perfect will will work and he will allow me to see it.=) I pray for my brothers too, because I can see how they are wasting their intelligence away by playing com games 24hrs a days. I pray for my brothers because I can see how lonely Joseph is. He is like the second me in primary sch=( 

5. We have an everlasting hope in the life after.

Yuppie so thank god for the amazing message.

Thirdly, have to thank god for all the cute younger sisters I got during church camp: Hannah, Grace and Ung Sing.

Always wanted a younger sister, but dunno why the sibling come out always got extra appendage one -.- Thought the second time it would finally be a sis, but haish….. Oh well, bros are fun in the sense that you can be super chor lor and play games with them hahaha.

Though it was pretty stressful having to take care of them la, but they are super funny, especially Hannah! Haha, accidentally ate her pet”hard boiled egg”. She and grace came to my room to wake me up. Then Hannah brought a hard boiled egg cos I skipped breakfast to sleep more, so i happily ate it thinking she dabaoed breakfast for me. LOL. turns out she called it her pet egg >.< oops. anyway the “egg” grew out of my head after simone kicked me in the head when capzing from the banana boat together with three ulcers(cos i bit myself) and severe neckache haha. I guess i getting retribution. XD

Then I had to bring them to the sea to play with the constant nagging worry that Hannah would drown. Haha, turns out she swimming gold so she technically can swim better than me -.-

And the scariest incident was when Ung Sing’s boarding pass couldn’t pass the checkpoint when we were on our way to Batam and both Tiong and Tim Chong alr cleared the check point,. So i was stuck outside with Tiong’s sis. Lol. was prepared to hop on a cab and go home liao. Thank God they found her original boarding pass. haha. finally know how moms all feel having to take care of kids>.<

Yuppies so thank god, hope i can talk to them more often=)))

Hahah yuppie, so thank god for the eventful and fun church camp =) Hope i will have a good church camp with my parents at my own church’s camp enxt week




Always wanted to start a blog to type down all my stuff. Unfortunately, yours truly was busy typing out assignments and updating my notes for the past one month >.<

You wont believe how many times I had to reread one assignment and reformat it =OSo glad I am rid of LAWR. (Pretty sure every year one law student is too=O)

Just in case nobody knows what LAWR is, it is the most mean, despicable, disgusting, time wasting, bloodsucking, lifedraining mod, thats the incarnation of the devil >.< Though I quite enjoyed the moot=D It was a lot of fun trying to preempt your opponent and coming up with all sorts of arguments together with your classmates=), and presenting all ur hard found knowledge and research in front of the judge! But i screwed mine up, but its ok=) whats good is that it was fun. So I am prolly gonna take part in moots next year=) I hope it will be equally fun!


1. Thank GOD for someone paying 106 bucks for my casebook:

3 Days before Criminal Exam on 2nd May, I was in a super panic mode because I couldnt finish preparing my notes for crim, even though it was an open book exam. I didnt have aybody to blame but myself because I had been spending a lot of time goofing off in hall.=/ Hehe all the late night sessions of talking cock, supper, exercising together, block events pretty much left me with zero time to do much readings for Crim. I orginally thought I would ahve time to aseemble my notes without having to briging in the original casebook so I tried to save money by not buyign the orginal casebook. Of course felitard always overestimates herself, and OF COURSE i didnt finish studying. So THREE DAYS before the exam I chionged down to the Co-Op i.e.the schoold’s bookshop, and like OH MY MAMA the book was 106 bucks?????!!!!!! I was gonna pay 106 bucks for a book I was going to use for three days???? I walked out of the Co-op and prayed outside and said:”dear God please dun abandon me now, please show me a sign whether I should buy the book.” Then I proceeded into the shop after getting a favourable response of the coin(I know its stupid to rely on a coin>.<) Then a total stranger asked me “Do you want this book?” Then proceeded to pay for it *In my head I was like OMGOMGOMG. GOD ANSWERED MY PRAYER!!!!! He then told me I had to give him NOTHING in return. “Just study hard and ace the exams”. He wasnt even a lawyer, because he declined my offer to post him the book after my exams saying that he ahd no use for it becuase he was a lawyer. In his own words, he was just there for LUNCH!!!!!  Its a miracle!!!!!!!

I wrote the amazing story down in the Casebook, and hope whoever gets it will be equally blessed when they read this story and use the book=D

When I graduate, gonna buy one textbook every semester and put it in the Co Op for free, so that whoever needs it will get it =)(someone please remind me k?)

Haish. Feel so guilty, but i not gonna give it away for free la. I know it sounds selfish, but I bought my books in a set, and I feel that I should sell the book to my junior as a complete set, if not she or he will be very disadvantaged. But I will charge abit cheaper I guess=/


2. Finished my two papers!!!!!!!!!!

Did dreadfully for contract cos I spent ten minutes on m=one hypo and missed out one of two major issues, but ohwells, I think I will pass??? See how lor. What to do. Still thankgod its over. Phew.

As for crim, turn out better than I expected? I actually finished, which was like ohmymama. So super thankful for that

And just to show off and be super mean, I think law is the first faculty to finish FINALS!=D

3. Thank God for giving me a great time for the past few days=)

  • Post Exam Tim Ho Wan with Varian, Eunice, jiahui, Shiwe, Kelly and Xiaomei right after our last paper!!!! Haha queued for 1 hour plus, but it was ok cos was talking cock with them! Anyway whats one hour when you have 3 months of holiday!!!! Super stuffed and super fat, but I think I getting a bit sick of tim ho wan la =/ So gonna give it a rest hehe. Anyway super unhealthy =X one piece of timsum proabably equals running for 400m! EEK. Must fast liao.
  • Went for post exam shopping trip on saturday with iahui, Eunice, Kelly and SHIWEE(Xiaomei pangseh though T.T)! Went around scape, cineleisure 313. Realised all youths always go to the same places, cos even if I go with yeesing and gang, its always the same places too haha. But its so much fun when you haven shopped for 5 months! 5 FREAKING MONTHS!!!! How did I survive????? =OOOOOOO 
  • After deciding that out feet couldnt take it anymore we went to Fareast Plaza for my FIRST Manicure with ( actually it pretty much looks the same cos my nails too short to do a nice french manicure like the ones u see in magazines =X guess I wasted my money =O but its the experience that count I guess=D Haha always felt that going out is about the company more than anything else =))
  • Whee then went to the mint toy musuem with ADRIEL on Monday! It was quite cool to see how Astro Boy, Felix the Cat, Disney Characters, Tin Tin, Popeye the Sailor Man and all our childhood favourites are really super super old school! like some of the toys they had there were probablyour parents age or something. Haha. Proves how creative ppl in the past were. Albeit, this contrast highlights the lack of creativity in this generation, with all the reinventions and relabelling of the best ideas of the past. Seeing the old Disney Characters( My favourites are the 7 DWARVES and DOPEY) makes me miss the old Disney and thier productions like Little Mermaid which was my favourite and Mulan another favourite(I remeber it came out when I was 6). Oh wells, I guess nothing of permanence in this world. Disney had its heyday=) 
  • After the musuem, drum rolllllllllll* Adriel bought his clothes on his own for the very first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two shirts for 15.80 from Uniqlo! He really is budget king. If anyting goes above 10 for shirts, means out. Pants must be in the 10 plus range =O I think he dunnid to buy clothes for a long time lo… Makes me wonder where his clothes come from to be honest -.- Must have dropped out of the sky. Haish…. Now I feel so bad spending his money seeing how he scrimps and saves on himself >.< Haish. At least it proves that he has a super kind soul=) If I dug out his heart it would probably be gold plated and have a halo surrounding it with two white fluffy angel wings poking out of the heart. Ok weird analogy but you get what I mean >.<
  • At night went back to SHEARES  ❤ for badminton session with Peanut Brittle Family (SOH,SIM,CHUK,CHEW) Adriel came along too(but he looks so awkward, so I felt so bad) Anyway we had to cut it short and adriel had to leave cos of parental objection >.< Guess my parents prety much gave up caring where I went le, cos I seem to be travelling around Sg everyday. We resumed for supper at CHEESE PRATA!!!!!! Super sinful but super good, then we had a super super long talk cock session=) Felt like it made up for all the time we were busy with our own affairs for the whole semester, school work, block stuff yadayada. Thank God we had this chance before Chuk flys off to HK. 
  • Went for a job interview today(7 May), or rather filled up an applicaiton form for a part time job. Its 10 dollars an hour, so I hope I get it! since i really super need a job to fund my 4 holidays =OOOOO Crosses my fingers and hope I get it=)
  • Finally went to the library today, after 3 months of fiction famine. Sick of reading law books>.< Law text is as dry as THIRSTY HIPPO. My mind is gonna die if I dun start reading some juicy fiction, anyway I managed to clear a thin novel in two hours haha. Guess one of the few perks of studying law is the speed boost it gives ur reading speed. Yup. Gonna see whether I can clear the 3 Cherub novels in one day=)
  • Yup. Finally Ended the day by celebrating VENUS BIRTHDAY+)))))))))) Haha super love Jiayi,Edna, Venus and Yeesing =))))) Forgot how much we laugh whenever we are together la. These epople are seriously psychos! Had the most awesome crab beehoon at Je, had the most fun joyride in Jiayi’s car with the most perverted edna hahaha. What more can one ask for?=) Thank God! And happy brithday crazy, insane psycho venus =) Flea loves you =))) God Bless.